Cold Callers


Cold Callers

The following is a list of unlicensed overseas companies and suspected scam websites which have come to the attention of International Securities Commission.

Most of these unlicensed companies either represent themselves as having operations by using the address of a mail forwarding facility or settle their transactions through a banking institute. They may operate from overseas and contact potential investors in Europe and Asia while not having been licensed. While some of them may be boiler room operations, others may merely have failed to comply with licensing requirements.

Investors should exercise extreme caution when dealing with companies that are not licensed in any jurisdiction.

Suspected scam websites may either be scamsters using their websites to offer too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities (e.g. offering pre-IPO stocks of fabricated companies at huge discounts) which do not actually exist, or fraudulent copycat websites which imitate the websites of reputable financial institutions to lure investors to part with their money and/or disclose personal information which the fraudsters may use to swindle investors.

Recently, it has come to International Securities Commission's attention that boiler room activities and scam websites have become more active. If you wish to find out more about boiler room operations and scam websites, please reply to


International Securities Commission is very interested in receiving any complaint about the capital markets, including allegations of illegal insider trading, market manipulation and inappropriate actions of market participants including registered brokers and reporting issuers. If you think a company has treated you unfairly in an investment-related transaction, you may file a complaint online.

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