Maintain fair, honest and efficient trading between securities firms and investors.

International Securities Commission have been able to yield a tremendous amount of respect and cooperation from global agencies and have been working together towards a greater objective

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International Securities Commission

International Securities Commission is an international regulator providing public assistance and means of protection and guidance to investors in today's complex world of international mergers and acquisitions. International Securities Commission enforces and implements international securities laws related to Mergers and Acquisitions.

Due to the increasing number of unregulated offshore management firms, International Securities Commission was created in 2002 to perform international market regulations. Since then, more than 0 securities firms that are dealing with private placements, divestiture services, and mergers & acquisitions including their respective branch offices have filed and registered with International Securities Commission . International Securities Commission member firms have complied with the strictest due diligence process and continuous business practice monitoring and policy implementation for the benefit of the public investors.

International Securities Commission deals with the world's major markets through efficient administering of mergers and acquisitions policies, providing a high standard of information and/or assistance to the general public, implementing international securities laws, and resolving disputes arising from regulatory issues between investors and securities firms.

To date, International Securities Commission has approximately 0 employees, including on-hand experts in various fields of expertise, who are dedicated to educate the investors with the essential understanding of trading securities internationally and to assist them in a convenient and lawful way which ensures investors' security and protection.

Given the complexity of international trading, International Securities Commission maintains its public trusts and confidence by keeping the integrity and fairness of the market globally, protecting public investors, and guaranteeing a successful securities industry.


International Securities Commission is very interested in receiving any complaint about the capital markets, including allegations of illegal insider trading, market manipulation and inappropriate actions of market participants including registered brokers and reporting issuers. If you think a company has treated you unfairly in an investment-related transaction, you may file a complaint online.

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