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Characteristics of Various Types of Securities

This guide provides an overview of some common types of securities in terms of three basic characteristics - liquidity, expected return and risk.

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The Ins and Outs of Income Trusts

In an economic climate characterized by market volatility and low interest rates, income trusts are a hot commodity. Low-risk investments offer safe, but low yields. Searching for higher potential returns, many volatility-shy investors have shifted their investments to income trusts.

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The Prospectus - Being Informed

The cornerstone to investor protection is to ensure that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information about any company or mutual fund in which they might choose to invest.

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Understanding Mutual Fund Fees

The mutual fund industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade. For many investors, mutual funds offer distinct advantages over traditional investment and savings vehicles, offering potentially greater returns, professional management and diversification.

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Stock Options

If you believe the value of a certain stock will rise and you want to take advantage of this without investing directly in the stock, then you could buy a call option and become an option holder. You do this by paying a “premium” to the option writer who is the person who sells the option.

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Offshore Investments Sold Through Internet Can Wash Your Savings Away

The phrase "offshore banking" may conjure up images of tropical islands and suave James Bond-type gentlemen discretely discussing multi-million dollar deals.

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